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CURRENT_TIMESTAMP milliseconds limitation

Selecting CURRENT_TIMESTAMP , the output returned for specific date is 6/29/2015 06:07:18.017000  i.e  The  last three or four  digit always coming 000.

Ideally CURRENT_TIMESTAMP value with proper last 6 digit should be like  6/29/2015 06:07:18.117386.

 Precision  : The seconds of the result of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is limited to hundredths of a second. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns zeros for any digits to the right of the two most significant digits in the fractional portion of seconds.

The current functionality is that the Teradata interface is prepared to handle 6 digits of accuracy, but deliberately zeroes the last four — regardless of the underlying OS platform capabilities — so that the interface is common for all platforms.

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