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Why AI Needs Big Data

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There are few buzzwords bandied about today more often than big data and artificial intelligence; at this point, is there even anything left to say about these emerging technologies, which countless analyst assure us will fundamentally reshape how we live our day-to-day lives? As a matter of fact, yes; for all the chatter surrounding AI and big data, little has been said about the confluence of these two emerging technologies, particularly when it comes to explaining why AI desperately needs big data to succeed.

Here’s the hidden connection between artificial intelligence and big data operations, and how these two emerging trends will come to dominate the 21st century.

You can’t have intelligence machines without big data

Before we even begin describing how AI and big data work together, it’ll behove us to cover the basics and describe exactly what we mean by each of these terms. In today’s world, artificial intelligence and machine learning essentially go hand in hand; both of these terms really just mean intelligent machines that can learn over time, provided they have access to huge pools of data to glean useful knowledge from. Big data and big data analytics can refer to any operation that relies on harnessing today’s …

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