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Five Surprising Uses of Virtual Reality in Business

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Ah, virtual reality. Huge potential but always seems that next year is the big breakout. There are many interesting case studies, more and more people trying VR for the first time and more hardware being sold every day, but in terms of practical, everyday applications in business, virtual reality is viewed by many as being in the “nice to have but not essential” category.  

But that’s already changing and is going to change rapidly in the near future. Virtual reality will offer significant advantages for professionals working in a host of different industries. It will allow industries from manufacturing to automotive, logistics, retail, hospitality and more to better plan for the future, access and see real-time data and hardware anywhere in the world, and collaborate on new designs, to name a few applications. In totality, estimates place the worth of the VR industry at $28.3 billion by 2020 (Source).

Below are five areas where there’s big potential for VR in business applications.


As far back in 2012 (WAY back in VR-terms!), reports (example) were showing how manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Ford were using VR for visual prototyping, manufacturing, virtual assembly, testing and training. Ford’s VR testing center is well …

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