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Deep Learning as a Service: Welcome IBM Watson Studio

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The next phase of machine learning, deep learning, relies on large amounts of data to train the algorithms. Normally, this would incur high-costs, but thanks to IBM’s new Watson Studio costs can be kept low, resulting in a positive ROI for organisations.
IBM Watson Studio allows you to train your models and easily add functionality thanks to their APIs using a pay-as-you-go model.
IBM Watson Studio solves the main issues of developing neural networks: complexity, standardisation and skills gaps, making deep learning also available to small organisations.

We have entered the data age, where insights from streams of data can offer organisations valuable insights. Obtaining these insights is done using machine learning and the next generation in machine learning, deep learning, offers businesses the ability to streamline operational processes and cut costs. As long as development costs remain under control, organisations can achieve a positive ROI on their investments.

The challenge lies in effectively leveraging this newly available technology. Smarter machines require more in-depth programming, and that takes time, expertise and tremendous computing power. Now, the introduction of IBM’s deep learning as a service (DLaaS) brings the benefits to companies of all sizes, from larger enterprises all the way to small businesses. Driving the …

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