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Why is AI the Future of Business Intelligence

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Data is at the core of nearly every business that helps you understand and improve business processes. In this modern era ruled by data, AI is evolving into a significant driver that shapes the day-to-day business process and Business Intelligence decision making.

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the use of technologies, applications, and strategies used by organizations for analyzing data. Over the past few years, BI software has evolved into three essential areas, namely Descriptive analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive analytics. Though BI systems are supposed to provide better decisions, the reality is something different. Majority of the BI tools tells you what was and what is, while what to do – clear insights for how to use that data in decision-making, remains unanswered.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping the wave of innovation to empower humans to work better, faster, and smarter. Small to large enterprises are adopting this technology to improve the efficiency of the business process and to deliver more customized user experiences.

How is AI Shaping the Future of BI?

AI can power BI to deliver better insights into your business data by transforming it into simple, secure, accurate, real-time reports, and notifications. Let’s dive in deeper to understand why BI …

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