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Why React Native is the Best Option for Most Startups

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One of the most crucial decisions app-based startups will make is how to build their product. They have to decide if they will utilize the traditional platform-specific native approach or go with a cross-platform solution. If they elect to go with the cross-platform approach, they must then select from the dozens of available frameworks. This decision will impact the cost, timeline, functional limitations, and future maintainability of their product. Therefore, this is a decision that requires an in-depth evaluation and should not be taken lightly. Although it would be foolish to argue that there is a single best option for all startups, this article will explore why React Native is currently the best option for most startups.

React Native Vs. Traditional Native

Traditional native apps are still the gold standard in app development. Although other approaches can get extremely close in terms of performance, usability, and interactivity, platform-specific native apps still have the edge. With that being said, this typically marginal difference is rarely worth the significantly increased costs associated with this approach. 

The traditional native method requires that iOS and Android apps are built independently. This means the cost to build, test, and maintain the app is nearly doubled. Additionally, it means …

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