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AI and the Future of Business Intelligence

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From its presence in our daily apps to larger business applications, AI impacts our everyday lives in varying degrees — even if we’re not always aware of it. In the field of business intelligence, however, AI has a more visible impact. Business professionals are aware of the changing nature of business intelligence, largely due to the disruption caused by AI. As stated in an article on GoodData, “Artificial intelligence in business intelligence helps democratize data and improve analytics adoption. Radical advances in computing power, predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI have opened the door to a new generation of BI tools.”

Today, traditional analytics as a component of business intelligence is becoming a thing of the past. The way forward seems to be rooted in AI applications. Here, we will explore how AI is changing the nature of business intelligence processes, and what these changes mean for us as humans.

AI and Business Intelligence

Data analysis, namely prescriptive analysis, and predictive modeling are central to business intelligence. Both are essential in decision-making processes and developing future business plans. Today, professionals can combine these methods with AI and machine learning to gain more detailed insights. In fact, Gartner’s Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology …

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