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Your Mobile Marketing Data Is Dirty – But These Mobile App Attribution Techniques Can Help

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The customer journey is incredibly complex today – thanks to rapid technological advancement. Our digitally-focused culture allows businesses to connect with their customers through more channels than ever before. But, it also makes it even more challenging to optimize and determine which methods are driving in the best results.

In order to figure out which specific marketing campaigns are delivering the best results in terms of lead generation and conversions, an attribution model is often used to track links and other marketing tools to record interactions. However, when it comes to mobile marketing, the traditional attribution approach is not always perfectly accurate.

The reason why mobile attribution is a totally different ballgame than traditional marketing attribution is because of its complexity. It is far easier to track a customer’s journey on a desktop version of a website by using cookies, image tags, and customized URL parameters. However, this is far more complicated on mobile devices, particularly if a customer is switching between the mobile website and an installed app.

Unfortunately, many marketing teams struggle with proper attribution when it comes to mobile interactions because they do not understand how to track their campaigns properly. The good news is there are some specific mobile …

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