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3 Ways to Support the Shift Towards Cloud-Based Systems in Digital Transformation

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Cloud-based systems are becoming an integral part of digital transformation and data utilization for companies of all shapes and sizes. These systems allow for faster development and deployment, as well as increased revenue and reduced operating costs.

Of the companies with cloud-based systems surveyed by Capgemini, 62 percent thought the agility of the organization was improved. Roughly 44 percent stated that they increased their revenue, and 65 percent said they were able to improve their customers’ experiences.

To put it simply, cloud-based systems seem to be the way of the future when it comes to digital transformation.

However, many organizations run into difficulty with various aspects of cloud-based systems to fuel the transformation. In the shift to cloud-based systems, leaders and their teams have realized that they must implement new methods and changes to their company culture in order for the transformation to be successful.

In this post, we want to list three tried-and-true methods of supporting a shift toward cloud-based systems in your digital transformation. These tips will help every member of the company embrace the change and prevent unnecessary failures and complications.

1. Make Sure All Departments Are Supported

Leadership is extremely important during any big shift, especially when it comes to digital transformation. …

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