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What Impact Can IoT Have on Sustainability?

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Sustainability is something more people and companies are striving for these days. They know the long-term health of our planet involves living and operating responsibly now and thinking about how today’s actions impact future generations. Fortunately, technology can help people meet their sustainability goals. Specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT) has fantastic potential.

It Can Make Garbage and Recycling Collections More Streamlined

In many towns and cities, the people tasked with periodically emptying garbage and recycling bins do it on a set schedule. Usually, managers determine the average usage of a particular receptacle, and how long it takes for people to fill it. But, the IoT can make their management decisions more precise.

For example, some IoT-equipped bins have sensors indicate when a container is almost full. Then, companies can send their employees only to the bins that need emptying. The alternative requires having them go to the places where people dispose of their garbage and recycled items to empty the containers whether or not they need it. That approach wastes time and could cause workers to do unnecessary driving, which adds to air pollution.

It Can Help Farmers Sustainably Manage Their Cattle

Wildlife experts know that fencing disrupts animal migrations. Some ways to minimize …

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