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How AI Democratizes Education: Being Equal Before the School

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Much is heard about making the learning process more personalized with the help of all recent technological developments. Artificial Intelligence is seen as one of the most promising means to enhance, or even revolutionize education. The Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector report, for example, expects AI in the US education to grow by 47.5% from 2017–2021.

Sure enough, personalization might be the Holy Grail of educators, but it remains only one side and one aspect of the educational process. Let’s look at the new AI-driven education from the perspective of democratization of the learning process.

AI indeed opens vast opportunities for more and diverse students to obtain better education.

Global access for all students

Education has no limits, and AI can help to eliminate boundaries by facilitating the learning of any course from anywhere across the globe and at any time. Using AI systems, software, and support can help make global classrooms available to all including those who speak different languages, cannot attend school due to illness or who require learning at a different level. In this way, AI can help break down silos between schools and between traditional grade levels.

Facilitating vernacular learning

Somewhat related to the previous aspect, vernacular learning means learning in the …

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