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Why Better Data User Experience Means Better ROI

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It should be the least controversial idea in the world: when people have easy access to quality information, they’ll make better decisions.

But for so many of the world’s businesses, this quality information lives behind a veil that can only be pierced by trained professionals who specialize in data science or other niche topics. The user experience of business data generally suffers for companies seeking to make an impact — employees must be able to interpret a complicated graph in order to arrive at actionable information, or be able to understand a number of complex acronyms or abbreviations. That’s why it’s likely that employees are leaning on domain experts in order to explain the nitty-gritty and provide the underlying analytics. This approach is less than totally productive because it doesn’t promote the worker autonomy that actualized businesses depend on in pursuit of a goal.

What’s worse is that employees may also be dismissing the data altogether. This weakens an organization’s decision-making power and increases the overall risk of arriving at a suboptimal course of action.

It’s easy to suggest data visualization tools as the catch-all solution for making it easier to interact with business data. These software products serve their purpose, but they …

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